TF Motors’ mission is to promote the best in motoring concepts to Cambodia. We strive to bring the aspiration and enjoyment of reliable driving to ensure the safety of drivers and their passengers. TF Motors aims to promote and educate the Cambodian public in the field of motor sport. We want to introduce them to car manufacturers, car industrial culture, which have a long and proud tradition in motoring.

MG, Morris Garages, is a UK Masterpiece, MG car brand established 90 years ago in 1924. Current MG’s design and engineering site are in Longbridge, Birmingham.
MG Cambodia is the first and the only distribution of MG Motors in Cambodia. As an authorized distributor, we ensure the quality of new sales and after sales of MG vehicles to the highest standard in Cambodia Market.

TF Motors is taking over the distribution and maintenance with Yuchai, one of the largest engine suppliers worldwide. It allows our company to become the main force in engine maintenance across the Kingdom Cambodia. The number of fleets has dramatically increased in Cambodia over the past 3 years. The grey market represents a large part of the recent imports, mainly used buses and minivans, 5 to 10 years old. By acquiring the license of Yuchai, TF Motors has become one of the main suppliers and spare parts providers for bus engines that are carried by 75% of the fleets on the market.

Royal Enfield is a legendary motorcycle brand. Launched in England in 1901, its production in the UK ended in 1970, but restarted in India, where the brand expanded where the brand has become a leader in the medium size segment. Royal Enfield offers a tremendous potential adapted to the Cambodia roads with an affordable price point. In a country dominated by two wheelers, we can see a beautiful future for the brand in Cambodia.

TF Motors Co.,Ltd. owns the exclusive rights of Higer in Cambodia, the second largest manufacturer of bus in China.
Cambodia offers a very promising expansion in the transport sector with the explosion of tourism and the rise of public infrastructure. Supplying the government and tourist operators, Higer is one of the main actors of the bus market in Cambodia. The brand offers a great perspective of growth in TF Motors Co., Ltd.

As one of Europe’s most influential and recognizable vehicle brands. Maxus embodies nearly a century of experience and unmatched technical prowess in commercial vehicle development. By virtue of continuous innovation, it is a trailblazing leader in creating international motor vehicle market trends and in casting a wide footprint of dominance throughout the world. The brand is now the recipient of numerous international awards in the international commercial vehicle industry